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Hustle Till It Hurts

The Hustle is Real Just a few words about what the hustle means to me and why it’s become a bigger part of my life recently. A man by the name Gary Vaynerchuck is a big reason I’m upping my game. From watching this guy work I’ve realized there is a lot more we can do every day to increase how much we get done. It’s not about being a work-a-holic, or loving work more than the people you interact with. It’s about loving what you do to the point that 18 hours just seems normal. The ‘daily grind’ become[…]

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Limit Your Sleep

Why Is It Important To Limit Your Sleep When You Work Night Shift? What? What do I mean limit your sleep? I thought you had to catch up on sleep when you work night shift? What I’ve seen in the few years of working nights are two things. Two things about sleep that might help you balance your life outside and inside work. So what have I found out? When I first started I noticed that my routine was so off I couldn’t sleep like everyone else. I either got tons of sleep or almost no sleep. When my body adapted after[…]

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Journey: A Love Story

Journey: A Love Story Respiratory Therapy I remember the day I heard the two words that have shaped my life thus far. “Respiratory Therapist” is what my teacher said. I immediately raised my hand and asked what that was. I had never heard of them on TV, no one in town had mentioned them, and I had never been sick enough to possibly see one myself. They were like a shining unicorn in the night, only glimpsed briefly through the trees. As my teacher, her name escapes me now, explained what the profession was all about I immediately knew what[…]

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What Can You Do?

What Can You Do? Questions that develop into actionable solutions and steps Have you ever wondered, after watching a video on global warming, over population, energy crisis, what you can actually do to improve our situation as humans? I have. Every time I watch something that promotes doom and gloom I always wonder, “If this is such a big problem, what can I do every day to help this situation?” Do we even know how to survive a Power Outage? Natural disaster? What about something small, like what do you do when someone get’s mad at you? The point is,[…]

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Interviews for Night Shift Like the title says, Interviews for Night Shift, I want to ask as many people as I can 6 questions. What will these questions be? Very basic, nothing that will expose your darkest desires, but they will ask some of the things I think MIGHT be important to others. What is your life like, working night shift, right now? What was your life like before night shift? What is your biggest road block in life? How much sleep do you get? How well do you sleep? How well can you focus in your life before night[…]

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