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Against Yourself

Look in a mirror. Study that person staring back.

Did you know that they are the one who usually holds you back?

Did you know that they are your biggest opponent?

The last time you wanted to do something outrageous, were in a competition, or wanted to do something out of your comfort zone did you realize that the person you were competing against was actually yourself?

Yes, I did this from the recent Rocky movie, but it resonated with me so much that I wanted to post it here. I’ve heard it before and I know I’ll hear it again. The one thing that will always stand in our way, our greatest opponent is always going to be ourself. If you disagree then you aren’t aware of how destructive you really are to yourself.

One good example of this is my own story. Several months ago I was stressed out and a bit angry with the lack of respect and help that shift workers get. I literally had no structure to help me through the tough times, and had to create my own systems so I could feel like a normal human and still have a life. To me work is only part of the equation, the rest is really where it gets complicated.

I knew I had to do something because I was tired of waiting. Eventually this website, blog, Facebook page etc. was created and whoever is reading this, is reading it now because I didn’t let my own doubts get in the way. I beat my worst opponent. So far.

The one thing I want to impart to you, the reader, is that you have more power than you realize. Power to create positive, lasting, effective change. You just have to get yourself out of the way and take a chance.

How to do this.

Start creating today, right now, when you don’t feel like it. Be bold enough to have a positive mindset, self talk, and external talk. Read a leadership book, non fiction, something that you would never read on a normal day. WAKE UP! Push yourself to be different. Actively listen to what others say. Absorb it and think about what they really mean. The idea is to be in a constant state of personal growth. It will not happen by itself. I will not do it for you.

There are no simple steps. There is no magic bullet, words, or incantations. The magic is already inside of you and you are strangling it every day you don’t let it out.

You are allowing your opponent to win.

Personally. I won’t rest until I beat him every day. It’s a struggle. I don’t always win. Lately I’ve been losing, but it’s my refusal to stay down that makes me different.

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