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What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

Questions that develop into actionable solutions and steps

Have you ever wondered, after watching a video on global warming, over population, energy crisis, what you can actually do to improve our situation as humans?

I have. Every time I watch something that promotes doom and gloom I always wonder, “If this is such a big problem, what can I do every day to help this situation?” Do we even know how to survive a Power Outage? Natural disaster? What about something small, like what do you do when someone get’s mad at you?

The point is, do we know how to deal with problems? How do we identify something that we can do something about right now, in this moment or in the near future?

I want to start writing and documenting different issues, small and big and investigate right in that moment what we can do about that problem.

Come and join me. Let’s learn and grow together and start making a difference one problem at a time.


Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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Life Will Find a Way

This past week has been filled with life and death. Reflection and contemplation. I wanted to bring this to people’s attention, because no matter how bad you may feel, no matter how horrible things seem to be there will always be a greater or equal good that comes into your life.

I believe those words, many do not.

Why do I believe in them? I have personally experienced hardships that have pushed me. Have I been homeless, starving, shivering cold and sick in a hospital bed? No I have not, but I do not believe you have to experience the worst of the worst to understand what needs to be done to get through the difficult time.

I believe in these words because on the flip side of every bad time, difficult situation, or hardship I’ve personally experienced great things. This past week I have watched several people pass from this world. I’m in health care, and understand this is a natural part of life. I however experience this is a different capacity because of what I do. Yet I am always relieved for my patients when they are allowed to pass onto their next life.

Yes I believe in life after death.

I know of over 10 people in my sphere of influence that have passed this week. Although this is sad, upsetting and can be taken as an excuse to stop everything and take the time to mourn. I am already thinking about how I can honor them, use their story to help others, and make myself better so I can serve others in a greater capacity.

I hope you take the time this weekend to reflect on your life. What we have now, in this moment is 100% temporary and will be gone one day. Love it, cherish it, be grateful for it, and above all else give your 100% every day to everyone you meet.

I hope that one day you look back with no regrets.

If you feel, after your reflections, that you have some regrets in your life. Forgive yourself and take note to draw a line in the sand. Live today and every day hence with love, gratitude, and no regrets. Open your heart, open your mind, and give what is lacking in your life.

It’s my deepest wish that you achieve what you set out to do, and that your life is full of love and happiness. This is mostly an inside job so stop looking to TV and entertainment to find it. Look inside and create it for yourself.

Good luck this week. I’m sending love to all.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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NSG Life: Meditation for Night Shift

Meditation Motivation

Why do I come back to meditation? Because I can’t see how I could go more than two days without meditating. I feel calm, cool, collect, clean and focused when I meditate.

I work nights and all of those things; calm, cool, collect and clean, are vital to maintain. Having a sharp mind can help work past the wall, a time where your body shuts down and want’s you to sleep. I have days where I physically hurt because I’m tired, but because I meditate they are few and far between.

When. I meditate before work. When I really get into it I like to do it twice a day. Time wise this is usually around 8:15 in the morning and 4pm in the afternoon (before sleep and after I wake up).

Why: It helps me process complex feelings, ideas, and de-stresses my body. My mind becomes calm, even with racing thoughts, my emotions are level, the rest it provides gives me an extra boost that sleep can’t.

How: I started a few years ago doing this in one of my college courses. I have a slight advantage because I got a free crash course in meditation. I’m not perfect but I do know some basics. Sit in an upright posture with legs crossed or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Hands are relaxed either palm up on your thighs or in a comfortable position. Breathing can be used to keep your focus. Either you conciously take inhales and exhales, or you sit and simply allow yourself to feel the sensation of your breath without any judgement. Simply allow it to go in and out with no control. When your mind wanders just gently bring your focus back to your breath. Eyes should be closed. I sometimes listen to different types of music or YouTube videos. You can find my favorites here.


Falling asleep is bad. No, sometimes it just means you need more sleep, so get to it!

I keep drifting into random thoughts. I’m terrible at meditating. Nope! You just need to practice. Your brain will always pull you into something if you don’t have control over it. Practice will bring better results so don’t give up. You are literally training your brain to focus by bringing it back to focus on something.

I can’t meditate for hours or even minutes. It’s a useless practice. Wrong again! Some people have a short attention span. They have been programmed to be in constant motion. With practice, starting with one or two minutes and building up, you can build up your ‘endurance’ to get into a calm and relaxed state, practice will improve results!

I don’t have time. Time is in the eye of the beholder. Like most other things it is based off of our current perception of the world. Ever hear the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’? Same concept. Start tracking your time to become more aware of how much you might be wasting.

Pointers for Night Shift: At the start you’ll be tired and may fall asleep. It’s OK, keep practicing. If you’re afraid of falling asleep and not waking up, you can set a gentle alarm just in case. If you are running low on time, don’t freak out. Sit and take deep breaths, slowing down each breath. Doing this for a minute to 5 minutes will calm you down, focus you and give you a sharper edge. That’s the point isn’t it? You can also do this while at work. I know it helps me through some challenging situations. Our breathing is partially under our control for a reason. It can literally change your physical being in moments if you let it.

I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to ask me a bit more if you are curious!

Your NightShift Guide -Jay

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Night Shift: Get the Life You Want

How Night Shift Be Positive!

What?!?! Night Shift is positive? Why do you say that Jay? I have many reasons to believe it’s a positive. Firstly it gives people the chance to work during a time when things might be less stressful. People have a different way to shine. Work is different, and different skills and strengths are needed. What about having kids and needing just a little extra money.

I can think of quite a few reasons night shift Be Positive! Yet all I see online, thus far, is negative crap about our imminent death from heart disease and dementia! Woahhh strong language Jay.

Lets take a new view.

I feel like all I see around me are opportunities to do something more with myself. Yet, when I talk to other people I only hear them talk of education, higher degrees, PRN jobs, or maybe something to do with travel.

This is all great stuff! I have to ask…. Is this the life you want to lead? Will it give you what you desire? Will it deliver the choices you desire? Do you even have a clear path through your life? (yes i get that no one knows exactly what will happen but have you thought where you’ll be in 10 or 20 years?)

I’ve seen person after person make the same decision, always expecting to be SUPER HAPPY with the outcome! As if it would open a portal to infinite happiness and luxury. Uhmm, no. Jobs and higher education have their place but what about creating something that others can work with you on? What about something that really makes a difference?

I’m trying to make you think. Think for yourself. Without a new thought process you can’t change your situation. If you do the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. We can officially say that you are now insane.

How does this make Night Shift Be Positive?

Night shift gives you a new opportunity to thrive. Night shift allows you to be awake when others aren’t. Night shift allows you to do extra work, at work! (please don’t ignore your job!) Night shift allows us to network and speak to others that are awake and working in other parts of the world.

Think outside of the box. I’m currently at home, writing this before I do something else that will move my life forward. I’ve decided to ignore TV. Ignore the radio. Ignore sports. Ignore hype. Am I always perfect? No. I do part take in gossip and some entertainment. I just realize that I can’t be spending my entire life watching something that never brings value into my, or anyone else’s life.

Night shift will allow you to disconnect with society as a whole and reconnect with yourself and what you truly desire to do. It might even allow you to leave it one day!

Think differently. Don’t just get a hobby. Develop skills. Research topics you are interested in. Create something and RISK being seen by your piers.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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Night Shift Tip

Creating a wake up process for yourself will help your body cope with the stress of working at night, and the lack of sleep you’ll get because of your shift restrictions. (drive time, extra work after your done at work, traffic, generally bad sleep)


  • But I’m super tired when I wake up!
  • I have no time to do a routine
  • I have no energy
  • My night wears me down and my body feels tired


  • You’re super tired because you aren’t taking care of yourself, also you’ll get over it! Everything is temporary, even your life.
  • You clearly have not made your health a priority. Stop crying and just do it already!
  • You have no energy because you aren’t creating energy. Energy feeds off itself. By moving you create energy, so move!
  • Night shift wears you down because you aren’t in good physical condition. Will it hurt? Yes, but it’s temporary and the pain is worth it.

Before I go into what I do every day let’s look at why you want to create this. Firstly if you wake up the same way every day your body recognizes that it’s time to wake up and will create alertness faster. It’ll help you sleep better because your body will be used to sleeping and waking a specific way. If you have a process that you follow it should help you repair some of the damage that occurs from being up all night.

Obviously I don’t have any scientific data to prove that these things are actually true. I use these examples because they have held true for myself. If you want you can share your experience below.

So… what does it look like? I’ll use my daily routine that works for me.

  • Get up, and do what my body needs
  • Drink a little water and head out the door for a run or to the gym (depends if I have the time to go to the gym)
  • Shower, and head to a quiet space to meditate for 20 minutes
  • Read a motivating or inspiring book for 10 minutes
  • Write down goals for the day and 3 things I’m grateful for

I’ve realized that I need a few things every day to have a clear head, good body, and happy feelings buzzing around. Exercise, meditation, and self education. This hits all the parts of my body and makes me feel good and more productive. It works for me. I started with one or two things and have built it up from there. Depending on who you are and how you operate you might be able to take all of these on at once and just run with it. Or you might have to take it one step at a time to eventually do all of these consistently.

Define Consistently: I mean doing this every day or most days. If you fall off the wagon it’s OK. You just need to get back on the next day. Consistency just means you have made this into a habit and it is simply second nature for you. Kind of like walking.

When do you do this? Tomorrow or right now. The Law of Diminishing Intent will tell you that without action right now, the likelihood you will do what you say diminishes over time. So get up, make a plan, and then go see how it goes. Action creates results.

Best of Luck! Call me if you need me…

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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