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Hustle Till It Hurts

The Hustle is Real Just a few words about what the hustle means to me and why it’s become a bigger part of my life recently. A man by the name Gary Vaynerchuck is a big reason I’m upping my game. From watching this guy work I’ve realized there is a lot more we can do every day to increase how much we get done. It’s not about being a work-a-holic, or loving work more than the people you interact with. It’s about loving what you do to the point that 18 hours just seems normal. The ‘daily grind’ become[…]

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Journey: A Love Story

Journey: A Love Story Respiratory Therapy I remember the day I heard the two words that have shaped my life thus far. “Respiratory Therapist” is what my teacher said. I immediately raised my hand and asked what that was. I had never heard of them on TV, no one in town had mentioned them, and I had never been sick enough to possibly see one myself. They were like a shining unicorn in the night, only glimpsed briefly through the trees. As my teacher, her name escapes me now, explained what the profession was all about I immediately knew what[…]

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Journey: Challenge

Challenge of the Journey Working while you’re at work, while you want to sleep, while you want to go have fun, while you want to simply relax is part of what I, and others need to work through in order to get from where we are to where we want to be. What defines us is how we handle our deepest struggles in front of others and within ourselves. (I said that) Our world goes 24/7. Life doesn’t rise and fall on what day it is, life does not have regard for the car that just cut you off, and[…]

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