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NSG Life: Meditation for Night Shift

Meditation Motivation Why do I come back to meditation? Because I can’t see how I could go more than two days without meditating. I feel calm, cool, collect, clean and focused when I meditate. I work nights and all of those things; calm, cool, collect and clean, are vital to maintain. Having a sharp mind can help work past the wall, a time where your body shuts down and want’s you to sleep. I have days where I physically hurt because I’m tired, but because I meditate they are few and far between. When. I meditate before work. When I really get into[…]

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Night Shift: Get the Life You Want

How Night Shift Be Positive! What?!?! Night Shift is positive? Why do you say that Jay? I have many reasons to believe it’s a positive. Firstly it gives people the chance to work during a time when things might be less stressful. People have a different way to shine. Work is different, and different skills and strengths are needed. What about having kids and needing just a little extra money. I can think of quite a few reasons night shift Be Positive! Yet all I see online, thus far, is negative crap about our imminent death from heart disease and[…]

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Night Shift Tip Creating a wake up process for yourself will help your body cope with the stress of working at night, and the lack of sleep you’ll get because of your shift restrictions. (drive time, extra work after your done at work, traffic, generally bad sleep) COMMON OBJECTIONS!! But I’m super tired when I wake up! I have no time to do a routine I have no energy My night wears me down and my body feels tired MINDSET SHIFT!! You’re super tired because you aren’t taking care of yourself, also you’ll get over it! Everything is temporary, even[…]

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Kill My Habits

DIE Bad Habits DIE!!! Just a quick post!! I’ve always had trouble creating new habits. To read it’s taken me a few years to really get into it. I still don’t do it every day but it’s a lot easier for me to pick up. Recently I’ve been working on doing prospecting every day for one of my businesses. It looks harder than it is because of my current work schedule but I’m still having a ton of trouble getting myself to do the task when I have the time. Here comes PAVLOK!!! A device that will SHOCK *zzzzaaappp!!* you[…]

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Journey: The Set-Up

Setting Up the Pieces With any long trip you have to get ready. First step you need to know where you’re going. I start at my house in Maine, and need to get to my parent’s house in Florida. Great… I know where to go. What do I need to get ready in order to make the trip? Car, gas, food, money, road map or GPS, clothes etc. Taking a road trip is just like starting a new business venture. You need to know what the end game looks like so you can plot the journey. For me I know[…]

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