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Journey: Challenge

Challenge of the Journey Working while you’re at work, while you want to sleep, while you want to go have fun, while you want to simply relax is part of what I, and others need to work through in order to get from where we are to where we want to be. What defines us is how we handle our deepest struggles in front of others and within ourselves. (I said that) Our world goes 24/7. Life doesn’t rise and fall on what day it is, life does not have regard for the car that just cut you off, and[…]

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Successful Day Sleeping

Successful Sleeping: During the DAY Day sleeping can be extremely tricky. I know, I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years. This doesn’t make me an expert, it simply means I’ve paid attention to what has worked and what hasn’t worked. What happens when you search for help with day sleeping? You come up with a ton of articles that tell you how horrible it is to work night shift. How horrible it is for your body, how horrible the effects are, how horrible how horrible how horrible that damn advice is! I understand people do studies on how[…]

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Positive Mind and Negative Mind

To Be Positive or To Be Negative, that is the Question! I’m a believer that the status of your life goes in one of two directions. It either goes in a positive direction or a negative direction. ++Positive++ !VS! –Negative– You either live with love and joy in your life or you live with loneliness and longing. Either you are sad or happy, you are either tired or energetic. Yes I realize we can have a mixture or emotions, but think for a minute. Were you ever happy and sad at the same time? I’m not talking about one after the other,[…]

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Night Shift: Kick ASS Here –>

Kick Ass Living the Night Shift Life Insights from Your NightShift Guide: Living a night shift lifestyle is difficult, but not impossible. In fact it can be really good for some people. I might be one of those people, then again I might not. What I do know, I feel like I’m starting to kick some ass. I’ve written a lot about what you should be doing with yourself. Personal development, meditation, exercise, preparation and the list goes on… Yet.. I was thinking about the current direction of this blog and decided that I needed to share some insights from[…]

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NightShift Time

Night Shift Time: Priceless Working Night Shift You Realize How Valuable Time Really is. Time. The most valuable commodity in the world. You can’t keep it, you can’t slow it down, you can’t stop it, you can’t save it, and you can’t manage it. People who primarily work during the day are used to knowing their expectations, when they can do things and are able to plan ahead. They know months before that they will in fact be awake at this time, and they will not be fighting exhaustion. People who primarily work nights are a different story. Not only[…]

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