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Self Awareness   Self Awareness is one of those ‘things’ that seems pretty simple, but in practice is actually somewhat difficult. Some people like Gary Vaynerchuk (he’s just more vocal about it) seem to have an innate ability to sense where they are internally and know how to steer themselves without hesitation. Most of us have difficulty staying focused on a task never mind having a refined internal compass that points true north! I’ve been a respiratory therapist for 7 years. Throughout that time I’ve been confronted with challenges that have pushed me into some very interesting places. I remember[…]

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Limit Your Sleep

Why Is It Important To Limit Your Sleep When You Work Night Shift? What? What do I mean limit your sleep? I thought you had to catch up on sleep when you work night shift? What I’ve seen in the few years of working nights are two things. Two things about sleep that might help you balance your life outside and inside work. So what have I found out? When I first started I noticed that my routine was so off I couldn’t sleep like everyone else. I either got tons of sleep or almost no sleep. When my body adapted after[…]

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Night Shift Tip Creating a wake up process for yourself will help your body cope with the stress of working at night, and the lack of sleep you’ll get because of your shift restrictions. (drive time, extra work after your done at work, traffic, generally bad sleep) COMMON OBJECTIONS!! But I’m super tired when I wake up! I have no time to do a routine I have no energy My night wears me down and my body feels tired MINDSET SHIFT!! You’re super tired because you aren’t taking care of yourself, also you’ll get over it! Everything is temporary, even[…]

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