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Night Shift: Get the Life You Want

How Night Shift Be Positive!

What?!?! Night Shift is positive? Why do you say that Jay? I have many reasons to believe it’s a positive. Firstly it gives people the chance to work during a time when things might be less stressful. People have a different way to shine. Work is different, and different skills and strengths are needed. What about having kids and needing just a little extra money.

I can think of quite a few reasons night shift Be Positive! Yet all I see online, thus far, is negative crap about our imminent death from heart disease and dementia! Woahhh strong language Jay.

Lets take a new view.

I feel like all I see around me are opportunities to do something more with myself. Yet, when I talk to other people I only hear them talk of education, higher degrees, PRN jobs, or maybe something to do with travel.

This is all great stuff! I have to ask…. Is this the life you want to lead? Will it give you what you desire? Will it deliver the choices you desire? Do you even have a clear path through your life? (yes i get that no one knows exactly what will happen but have you thought where you’ll be in 10 or 20 years?)

I’ve seen person after person make the same decision, always expecting to be SUPER HAPPY with the outcome! As if it would open a portal to infinite happiness and luxury. Uhmm, no. Jobs and higher education have their place but what about creating something that others can work with you on? What about something that really makes a difference?

I’m trying to make you think. Think for yourself. Without a new thought process you can’t change your situation. If you do the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. We can officially say that you are now insane.

How does this make Night Shift Be Positive?

Night shift gives you a new opportunity to thrive. Night shift allows you to be awake when others aren’t. Night shift allows you to do extra work, at work! (please don’t ignore your job!) Night shift allows us to network and speak to others that are awake and working in other parts of the world.

Think outside of the box. I’m currently at home, writing this before I do something else that will move my life forward. I’ve decided to ignore TV. Ignore the radio. Ignore sports. Ignore hype. Am I always perfect? No. I do part take in gossip and some entertainment. I just realize that I can’t be spending my entire life watching something that never brings value into my, or anyone else’s life.

Night shift will allow you to disconnect with society as a whole and reconnect with yourself and what you truly desire to do. It might even allow you to leave it one day!

Think differently. Don’t just get a hobby. Develop skills. Research topics you are interested in. Create something and RISK being seen by your piers.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It!

Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It!

Perfect balance… what a load of shit.

If anyone is perfectly balanced they’re fooling themselves. Life is not perfect. It wasn’t meant to be that way. How do I know? Does a tree grow straight? Does a flower bloom the same way every time it blossoms? Can we drive in a straight line?

If life is so perfect then why are most of Americans on some sort of anti depressant, pain killer, or special diet. Why do we feel the need to genetically modify plants?

I’m not trying to politically charge this post. I’m simply giving examples of how life isn’t perfect.

What I’ve found are streaks of time when everything seems to be going just as you planned. You get to work on time, you create a blog post every day of the week, a promotion comes through, everyone says yes to your sale, and even the president seems to be on his game.

Then next week hits and you can’t seem to pull yourself out of bed. Work is stretching you to your limits and on top of everything the world is falling apart again.

Why? Life isn’t perfect.

How does this apply to night shift…

We wake and sleep during the craziest times. We put our bodies through some of the most stressful situations and continue to expect it to perform at it’s peak. When you say it like that how we live kinda looks a little crazy right? Our lifestyle isn’t easy, but in order for the world to turn it’s necessary. So when everything goes to shit what can we do? Push. Push hard through the tough times. Run head long into the storm, look that bastard in the eye and give it a big ole ‘Bird’.

Translation: Continue to get up in the morning knowing the day might be tough but you’ll get through. It will not kill you, you will survive to live another day. As you progress through your day do everything possible to put the odds in your favor. It’s like a video game and you’re the first person shooter. You may be bleeding out but that power up is just within reach. It’s keeping you going. Then a friend comes in and takes down a few enemies giving you a break. Get up and keep moving, your day is almost done, and if you keep telling yourself to keep going the day will eventually be over. The funny thing? There are only 24 hours in a day. Survive those and you can proudly say you’ve made it to the next round.

My technique for kicking ass on my bad days:

1: Get up, say it sucks and then deal with it

2: Make sure I embrace the pain of suck an then get over it

3: Do my normal routine: run after waking, eat, meditate, read, do prospecting phone calls, hit the road to work

4: Supplement extra: multivitamin, rhodiola, brain pills, vitamin D, C, EFGHIJ, B12 etc

5: Watch things that put an ass kicking mindset into my head

6: Do my best at work, don’t complain, help someone

7: Go home and sleep knowing the day is done


Remember, put the odds in your favor. Even if it sucks, just acknowledge that it does and go do it anyway. Accepting instead of complaining feels better and allows you to move forward. Feeding your body good things, exercise, vitamins, water, will help your body to replenish itself and keep you moving.

Last, always look back at your worst days to learn how they started. The more you realize the habits, activities and situations that got you to suck-land in the first place will help you avoid them in the future.

Call me if you need me. I’m here fighting my way through just like you.

Best of Luck

NightShift Guide Out

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Kill My Habits

DIE Bad Habits DIE!!!

Just a quick post!!

I’ve always had trouble creating new habits. To read it’s taken me a few years to really get into it. I still don’t do it every day but it’s a lot easier for me to pick up. Recently I’ve been working on doing prospecting every day for one of my businesses. It looks harder than it is because of my current work schedule but I’m still having a ton of trouble getting myself to do the task when I have the time.

Here comes PAVLOK!!! A device that will SHOCK *zzzzaaappp!!* you into disliking your current bad habits and can help you create good ones. I’m still working with this device (aka I just got it 12 hours ago) so I’ll have to go through some more testing.

So far I’ve pressed it when I thought about spending money on food I don’t need to eat after work. I believe that with enough time and not being afraid to shock myself when getting various cravings, and not doing tasks I need to do I’ll create helpful habits faster!!

If you are interested in such a device go to  and take a peek at what I purchased.

Best of luck to you all!!

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Support Veterans

Veterans Entering Transition


VETERANS ENTERING TRANSITION (V.E.T.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to empowering exiting military and veterans with the tools to create fulfilling careers, healthy family lives and supportive community environments. We accomplish our mission by building a consortium of specialized resources designed to address the most critical unaddressed challenges facing veterans as they enter the civilian world. We are creating new pathways for our military community by infusing purpose, passion, and mission into their lives for a well-rounded transition.

Above is the mission statement for V.E.T. is a local North Carolina non profit that I happen to be in support of. I’m taking a break from the normal night shift issue to take the time to support people who support our Warriors. If you live in America you very likely know a veteran, or someone who part takes in active duty over seas. Or you may know someone who is active in the National Guard. I work, are friends with, and know several people who have risked life and limb.

I think it’s about time we start to support organizations that are willing to help our veterans know what their resources are, guide them through the process, support them, and sacrifice their time to help families in need.

In the month of May, V.E.T will be holding a Gala to kick off their new journey and to bolster support for their Mission. More information can be found through the link above. If you are unable to attend but would like to help them financially in their journey, you can donate via GoFundMe. If you want to volunteer click here!

Thank you for reading through. Being aware that there are resources to help others is just one piece to the puzzle. Making sure those resources stay active and effective is our job.

Know your Months!!

May is Memorial Day

November is Veterans Day

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Against Yourself

Look in a mirror. Study that person staring back.

Did you know that they are the one who usually holds you back?

Did you know that they are your biggest opponent?

The last time you wanted to do something outrageous, were in a competition, or wanted to do something out of your comfort zone did you realize that the person you were competing against was actually yourself?

Yes, I did this from the recent Rocky movie, but it resonated with me so much that I wanted to post it here. I’ve heard it before and I know I’ll hear it again. The one thing that will always stand in our way, our greatest opponent is always going to be ourself. If you disagree then you aren’t aware of how destructive you really are to yourself.

One good example of this is my own story. Several months ago I was stressed out and a bit angry with the lack of respect and help that shift workers get. I literally had no structure to help me through the tough times, and had to create my own systems so I could feel like a normal human and still have a life. To me work is only part of the equation, the rest is really where it gets complicated.

I knew I had to do something because I was tired of waiting. Eventually this website, blog, Facebook page etc. was created and whoever is reading this, is reading it now because I didn’t let my own doubts get in the way. I beat my worst opponent. So far.

The one thing I want to impart to you, the reader, is that you have more power than you realize. Power to create positive, lasting, effective change. You just have to get yourself out of the way and take a chance.

How to do this.

Start creating today, right now, when you don’t feel like it. Be bold enough to have a positive mindset, self talk, and external talk. Read a leadership book, non fiction, something that you would never read on a normal day. WAKE UP! Push yourself to be different. Actively listen to what others say. Absorb it and think about what they really mean. The idea is to be in a constant state of personal growth. It will not happen by itself. I will not do it for you.

There are no simple steps. There is no magic bullet, words, or incantations. The magic is already inside of you and you are strangling it every day you don’t let it out.

You are allowing your opponent to win.

Personally. I won’t rest until I beat him every day. It’s a struggle. I don’t always win. Lately I’ve been losing, but it’s my refusal to stay down that makes me different.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay


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