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Trial and Error

What Can You Do?

What Can You Do? Questions that develop into actionable solutions and steps Have you ever wondered, after watching a video on global warming, over population, energy crisis, what you can actually do to improve our situation as humans? I have. Every time I watch something that promotes doom and gloom I always wonder, “If this is such a big problem, what can I do every day to help this situation?” Do we even know how to survive a Power Outage? Natural disaster? What about something small, like what do you do when someone get’s mad at you? The point is,[…]

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Night Shift: Get the Life You Want

How Night Shift Be Positive! What?!?! Night Shift is positive? Why do you say that Jay? I have many reasons to believe it’s a positive. Firstly it gives people the chance to work during a time when things might be less stressful. People have a different way to shine. Work is different, and different skills and strengths are needed. What about having kids and needing just a little extra money. I can think of quite a few reasons night shift Be Positive! Yet all I see online, thus far, is negative crap about our imminent death from heart disease and[…]

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This Is Horrible.

Two weeks ago I was on top. I swore nothing could shake me from the routine I was on. I felt great, my work was flowing easily, and everywhere I turned things just seemed to work out. This week…? …well this week is a different story. by

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