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Successful Day Sleeping

Successful Sleeping: During the DAY

Day sleeping can be extremely tricky. I know, I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years. This doesn’t make me an expert, it simply means I’ve paid attention to what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

What happens when you search for help with day sleeping? You come up with a ton of articles that tell you how horrible it is to work night shift. How horrible it is for your body, how horrible the effects are, how horrible how horrible how horrible that damn advice is!

I understand people do studies on how our sleep affects our lives but I’m not finding overwhelming studies on solutions to make day sleeping more effective. To keep people from having poor health effects. Why is there so much negative writing about night shift when we so desperately need people to work through the night?

I’m a 100% believer that you can work night shift, with no bad health problems, make money, stay healthy, and be successful (maybe more successful than others?).

Why do I think this?

I’ve gone through various phases of night shift. From standing up and sleeping, to running full steam through a 12 hour shift, to struggling to stay focused, to overeating just to stay away, to being even keeled and feeling like a normal person.

What I’ve done during the normal feeling was simple.

  • I got as much sleep as I could during the day (7 to 8 hours depending on how far away from home you are)
  • I drink coffee up to 2 hours before my shift ended (I’m not as sensitive to caffeine usually 4+ hours is safe)
  • I drink plenty of water and eat food that fills me up and is tasty and satisfying (Click Here for Recipes)
  • I have a sleeping time routine (if you don’t know what I mean go here)
  • I supplement my diet with vitamins
  • I meditate, exercise, read and educate myself every day (fire up your brain, it wakes you up)
  • I put positive thoughts into my mind so there is NO room for negativity
  • I break up my days into 4 parts so I can plan my sleep/wake schedule appropriately (click here for more)

How do I feel? Really great. I didn’t feel the need to over eat, or drink tons of coffee. Life being life I wasn’t able to hold this for more than a few weeks, but if you never have some sort of struggle then I’m sure you live alone in the woods.

Above I’ve outlined how I’ve stayed healthy, and productive but what about being successful? Currently I’m working on this website, next I’ll be working on another online business, after that I have a rental house that produces some income, I’m a driver with Uber and I hold a full time job. Not to mention that during the night and my drive home I listen to things that increase my knowledge, or learn about something specific. I say that night shift can be more successful because we can fit years of schooling in during our down time at work. If you aren’t I feel like you’re wasting your time. You have a golden opportunity to improve yourself, improve others around you and enrich the lives of your family members.

Take Away: I’m not passionate about my work because it’s my life’s purpose. I’m passionate about my life because I continually work on my path. I never give up when challenges come up, and failure is just another way to say try again!

Coming Soon: I’ll be documenting my journey to part time work. I’m figuring out in real time how to make passive income so I can increase my income while working less. Stay Tuned!

– Your NightShift Guide Jay

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