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Giant Gorilla

We all have issues. That’s just life. Big or small we need to recognize what they are and what triggered them so we can defeat them and move on. Regardless of the ‘category’ these issues fall under realize that they will always affect every part of your life be it business, entrepreneurial projects, personal projects, or getting promoted in your chosen profession. The repercussion from not dealing with the residual issue is something I’d like to call!: The Giant Gorilla Effect

What is GGE all about?

Since I like definitions let me start out with one that I have personally constructed for GGE.

The Giant Gorilla Effect:

Is an imaginary gorilla’s lap that you sit in. It is allowing you to go about life happily doing the job it wants you to do. If you find something else you really want to play with, like a business or product you create, it might let you play and dabble with it for a little while. After a bit the gorilla then tells you ‘NO!’ and makes you go back to what you were doing before. This is a form of control that is ultimately directed by attitudes, habits, perspectives, paradigms, mindset, your social circle, or social circumstances. It is the gateway you must breakthrough before you can go do what you really want to do.

By reading that several times can you guess what’s coming? Let’s see if you guessed correctly.

I work night shift, in a hospital, with limited control over my schedule. I have other ventures and business ideas that I want to work on, but a lot of the time my job ends up becoming a distraction, and for good reason! My brain tells me that I have the ability to do and be more, but GGE tell’s me no. It’s 3am and I’m at work, writing this. At some point I’ll have to leave to fulfill the duties I’m responsible for and eventually return home.

So now the question becomes, if GGE won’t let you play with the toys you really want to play with, how do you get what you want?

I’ll be honest and say I can’t give you the step by step process because I’m not you, I’m not living your life, and what works for me may not work for you. All I know is that in order to get anywhere there needs to be 100% effort put into whatever venture I’ve chosen to get myself away from Mr. GGE. It’s like being a pilot flying a plane. If the pilot doesn’t give it 100% throttle they’ll never get the plane off the runway.

I’m sure there are a million ways to fly the plane in your own life. If you feel the need to change your circumstances, find something you can leverage in your favor and give it 100% effort until you’re away from that giant gorilla!

Just remember: Starting out giving 100% effort doesn’t mean you have to do that every day for the rest of your life. At some point you can throttle back and relax.

Reality Check! Understand 100% effort is easy to write on paper, but is much harder to accomplish in reality. Make sure you really want what it is you’re doing, or you might wake up to a big grinning gorilla.

Your NightShfit Guide – Jay

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