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Got Leadership?


Leadership is an important part of our lives yet how often is it spoken about among people on the street? We almost never mention it in health care unless we talk about a leader in a specific line of care, not someone that leads per their example.

People all have the potential to be a leader. Whether they decide to develop it or not is a whole other article. There are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there for people to learn from. Do they do it? NO!! Why?

Lead Your Own Path, Be Your Own Leader

What is the most important thing about night shift?

Sex? (got your attention didn’t it)

I believe the most important aspect of night shift is cooperation within the team, and communication from the team to the rest of the shift, aka day shift. In a way this is a sense of leadership. You must take the initiative to develop the skills to work mostly by yourself, but communicate effectively enough so people know what you are doing and when/if you need help. Inner strength is a huge part of this.

When I first started out I wanted to be a great Respiratory Therapist. After a while I had decided to become a doctor, so I got a new job and off I went. I basically saw the doctors as the unofficial leaders within the hospital. Sometimes this is the case, other times it’s not.  I realized after seeing how invested a doctor had to become it wasn’t what I really wanted. I drifted for a while and eventually realized I was simply getting through work for the paycheck. I didn’t care about anything really. Yet a glimmer of hope came to me one day. I realized I enjoyed working with people. Yet what was the biggest skill I needed to effectively work within a team and with people/ their families?

So why else do we work? We all know that money is the main objective. But we wouldn’t have gotten into the medical field just because it was a job. We aren’t cleaning poo and suctioning copious amounts of goo out of people’s lungs ‘just to do it’.

I believe that we get a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and happiness out of our jobs. I realize it’s not always so. I know we get abused on a daily basis by patients, supervisors and each other. It’s a high stress environment ready to pop.


Life is tough and if we are doing something that grinds us down 100% of the time why the hell are we doing it? Jim Carrey once said that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love. Watch his commencement speech here.

Instead of asking why you do something and focusing on the issue of making money. Why not focus on doing your best, giving your job 100% effort. I challenge you to do that for a week. When you feel like sitting down to be lazy instead of researching a disease or surgery, do the research. Instead of going to ask questions that seem repetitive ask instead for guidance and to learn how to trouble shoot the issue.

Look first to learn and dig in. If you want this chosen path then educate yourself every day, exercise the muscle that is your brain. Just because others are sitting and watching a show or reading a fictional book, that doesn’t mean you have to do that too.

Have the guts to think and act differently, and you’ll see a change in your life and the life of others.

I Dare You.

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