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Habit of the Hobby

I love watching tv shows. I get sucked in, engaged, mesmerized and entertained by anything violent, mysterious, filled with adventure, and yeah even some sappy stuff (when I’m in the mood). I also like watching educational stuff, like National Geographic. I also love, love, love playing video games. Doesn’t matter what console it is, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, computer games, phone apps and more! I love em all and I play em all!!!

Here’s the problem.

I wouldn’t be writing this if I was still playing games and watching tv.

Woahhhhh wait! What am I saying?

I don’t watch tv, have cable, netflix, hulu, or play video games… anymore

I have literally taken away most, if not all ‘entertainment’ in my life. Now the issue becomes, what do I fill my time with? What hobbies or activities can I pick up?

To keep this post short I’ll give some simple pointers. The first one, and a good rule to follow is: Be curious, keep moving forward, asking questions, and sampling life. If you simply follow this you will never run out of things to do. (your next question should be, what does that look like?)


  • Do something that invites excitement, or passion
  • To find new things you may enjoy, try something new every day, week, or month. (dancing, find things on youtube, cooking, musical instrument, building something, yoga, meditation, or anything that you can do in the middle of the night or early morning, get creative)
  • Create something for yourself to do
  • Find books to read that give you a different perspective
  • Write a journal, blog, newsletter every night
  • Get a simple job that you can do overnight (WorkFromHomeHappiness)
  • Create a club, group, or meetup group that can meet at night to hang out.

There are obviously other ways to create hobbies. My goal is to GET YOU GOING! I can’t read your mind, and I can’t motivate you to make changes. The idea here, is that you, and only you are in absolute control of yourself.

Just remember to do something you enjoy. Maybe even find others that also enjoy it. The moment you say can’t instead of can, or won’t instead of will, you defeat yourself.


My personal short story: The way I handled night time activities was usually to watch tv or play games, eat or eat out, drink and be lazy. I might even go for a run, even though it’s not the safest thing to do. I didn’t feel very fulfilled, healthy or happy. What changed? I moved to a different state, got a different job (still night shift) and I made a clear decision to make changes and take control of my life. I didn’t shut off my tv or stop playing games over night, but I did make small changes that stuck. I read more books, I journaled, I started meditating more. I grew into someone else that I was more happy with.

It’s a process, it’s growth, it’s simply… Life.

I’ve decided to grow so I can help others to do the same. What changes will you make for yourself? Take your time and learn to enjoy the daily grind.



Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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