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Journey: The Set-Up

Setting Up the Pieces

With any long trip you have to get ready. First step you need to know where you’re going. I start at my house in Maine, and need to get to my parent’s house in Florida.

Great… I know where to go. What do I need to get ready in order to make the trip? Car, gas, food, money, road map or GPS, clothes etc.

Taking a road trip is just like starting a new business venture. You need to know what the end game looks like so you can plot the journey. For me I know how much money I need in order to be a part time employee and morph into the business owner side. After that I’ll grow my income so I can start to create more passive income and therefore trading less time for money.

What steps have I taken…

I signed up for Uber. Not only did I sign up for Uber but I have completed over 35 trips and made over $300. That may not seem like a lot but it’s more than most will ever do. It’s also $300 more than I had.

For the Amazon business I found a product, researched a supplier and contacted them. Currently I’m in the process of getting a sample of the product and if all checks out I’ll be getting my first order in, and shipping them off to Amazon. I know what my next steps are, but that’s for a later post!

As you can see I’m working on building the NSG Blog and website. I do this almost every day. Not only do I work on this site but I do things for social media to boost publicity, get interaction, and grow my audience.

For my direct sales business I have a process that I’ll be plugging into my schedule so I can have a list of people to talk to, and have a time to talk to them. The only issues I run into are severe time constraint due to my night shift schedule, hence the other forms of income!

So what’s the point…

If I can work through a process and come up with immediate results to improve my situation so can you. This isn’t something I’m doing on my own. I have help from other sources that most people will never see. Can I be successful on my own? Probably, but it’s a horrible task that’s really lonely. I’ve done it before.

What can I do for you? I’ll be posting about my process and progress. I’ll be posting my schedule, an actual replica that has all private itinerary blocked out and I’ll be diving into some of the finer aspects of how I move through issues along the way.

For videos I’ll be posting on Instagram, Facebook and keeping the majority of it on YouTube. I hope you find the time to show some support and share my content.

If you need help don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always up, and I’m always willing to help.


Live Well

– Your NSG Jay

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