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Keep the Faith Man!

What a week.

One that might go down as my first win in a long line of wins. I say that because there are always turning points in people’s lives.

For example… I had a goal for November. Specifically it was to find two new prospects for a project I’m currently working on. The first one was easy because I had already started the conversation in October. The second one.. Well that was a different story. It felt like no matter what I did, not only could I not get ahead, but I got sick, lost all my focus and motivation, and was left with a few days to prospect to achieve my goal. I’m happy to say that a few hours before midnight I found my last prospect and reached my target.

Keeping the faith is a huge part of keeping your momentum, having a good attitude and achieving the goals you set for yourself. I will say that having faith isn’t enough. When you have a set routine for yourself that brings you good results, everything is good. What happens when you fall off schedule? The results disappear. Your ability to get up after being knocked down is vital to success. If you only stick to a routine, yes you’ll be fine. If you only stick to having loads of faith, sure things will be good. When you put those two together, well damn that’s a one-two punch you can’t ignore.

So keep the faith. Keep the routine and knock out those goals.

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