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Night Shift, Focus on What?

A few things that I’ve found to be helpful to myself and others. Something to focus on that will help us along in such a way that you can function every day, do good work every day, be a loving person every day, even if you sleep during the day.

That brings me to my first focal point: Sleep. A Shift worker MUST focus on sleep. If you do not, if you are delinquent with your sleep, you automatically set yourself up to suffer, along with the people around you. It is your job to figure out how much sleep you need, and to pay attention to how you react when you don’t have enough, so you can help yourself to catch up.

My second focal point would be: Eating. What you put into your body is what you become. Whatever substance, medicinal, food, product, liquid etc. you need to realize that it goes into your system and will, with no reservations, do what it is made to do even if it is meant to harm you. Be mindful of what you put into your body.

The third and certainly not last point: Schedule. Keeping an organized and clear schedule will help you significantly reduce stress, scattered feelings, procrastination and other negative emotions, activities or associations. Is it difficult to do? No. Write down what you want to accomplish for the week, schedule a day and time to do it and then set a reminder, or put it in a place you always see it. Yes there are different ways to divvy up your schedule, but by starting simple you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Remember, Life is life. There is no work life, social life, family life. There is only you and how you interact with the world presented to you. Make the best of each day and night.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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