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Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It!

Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It!

Perfect balance… what a load of shit.

If anyone is perfectly balanced they’re fooling themselves. Life is not perfect. It wasn’t meant to be that way. How do I know? Does a tree grow straight? Does a flower bloom the same way every time it blossoms? Can we drive in a straight line?

If life is so perfect then why are most of Americans on some sort of anti depressant, pain killer, or special diet. Why do we feel the need to genetically modify plants?

I’m not trying to politically charge this post. I’m simply giving examples of how life isn’t perfect.

What I’ve found are streaks of time when everything seems to be going just as you planned. You get to work on time, you create a blog post every day of the week, a promotion comes through, everyone says yes to your sale, and even the president seems to be on his game.

Then next week hits and you can’t seem to pull yourself out of bed. Work is stretching you to your limits and on top of everything the world is falling apart again.

Why? Life isn’t perfect.

How does this apply to night shift…

We wake and sleep during the craziest times. We put our bodies through some of the most stressful situations and continue to expect it to perform at it’s peak. When you say it like that how we live kinda looks a little crazy right? Our lifestyle isn’t easy, but in order for the world to turn it’s necessary. So when everything goes to shit what can we do? Push. Push hard through the tough times. Run head long into the storm, look that bastard in the eye and give it a big ole ‘Bird’.

Translation: Continue to get up in the morning knowing the day might be tough but you’ll get through. It will not kill you, you will survive to live another day. As you progress through your day do everything possible to put the odds in your favor. It’s like a video game and you’re the first person shooter. You may be bleeding out but that power up is just within reach. It’s keeping you going. Then a friend comes in and takes down a few enemies giving you a break. Get up and keep moving, your day is almost done, and if you keep telling yourself to keep going the day will eventually be over. The funny thing? There are only 24 hours in a day. Survive those and you can proudly say you’ve made it to the next round.

My technique for kicking ass on my bad days:

1: Get up, say it sucks and then deal with it

2: Make sure I embrace the pain of suck an then get over it

3: Do my normal routine: run after waking, eat, meditate, read, do prospecting phone calls, hit the road to work

4: Supplement extra: multivitamin, rhodiola, brain pills, vitamin D, C, EFGHIJ, B12 etc

5: Watch things that put an ass kicking mindset into my head

6: Do my best at work, don’t complain, help someone

7: Go home and sleep knowing the day is done


Remember, put the odds in your favor. Even if it sucks, just acknowledge that it does and go do it anyway. Accepting instead of complaining feels better and allows you to move forward. Feeding your body good things, exercise, vitamins, water, will help your body to replenish itself and keep you moving.

Last, always look back at your worst days to learn how they started. The more you realize the habits, activities and situations that got you to suck-land in the first place will help you avoid them in the future.

Call me if you need me. I’m here fighting my way through just like you.

Best of Luck

NightShift Guide Out

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