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Night Shift Tip

Creating a wake up process for yourself will help your body cope with the stress of working at night, and the lack of sleep you’ll get because of your shift restrictions. (drive time, extra work after your done at work, traffic, generally bad sleep)


  • But I’m super tired when I wake up!
  • I have no time to do a routine
  • I have no energy
  • My night wears me down and my body feels tired


  • You’re super tired because you aren’t taking care of yourself, also you’ll get over it! Everything is temporary, even your life.
  • You clearly have not made your health a priority. Stop crying and just do it already!
  • You have no energy because you aren’t creating energy. Energy feeds off itself. By moving you create energy, so move!
  • Night shift wears you down because you aren’t in good physical condition. Will it hurt? Yes, but it’s temporary and the pain is worth it.

Before I go into what I do every day let’s look at why you want to create this. Firstly if you wake up the same way every day your body recognizes that it’s time to wake up and will create alertness faster. It’ll help you sleep better because your body will be used to sleeping and waking a specific way. If you have a process that you follow it should help you repair some of the damage that occurs from being up all night.

Obviously I don’t have any scientific data to prove that these things are actually true. I use these examples because they have held true for myself. If you want you can share your experience below.

So… what does it look like? I’ll use my daily routine that works for me.

  • Get up, and do what my body needs
  • Drink a little water and head out the door for a run or to the gym (depends if I have the time to go to the gym)
  • Shower, and head to a quiet space to meditate for 20 minutes
  • Read a motivating or inspiring book for 10 minutes
  • Write down goals for the day and 3 things I’m grateful for

I’ve realized that I need a few things every day to have a clear head, good body, and happy feelings buzzing around. Exercise, meditation, and self education. This hits all the parts of my body and makes me feel good and more productive. It works for me. I started with one or two things and have built it up from there. Depending on who you are and how you operate you might be able to take all of these on at once and just run with it. Or you might have to take it one step at a time to eventually do all of these consistently.

Define Consistently: I mean doing this every day or most days. If you fall off the wagon it’s OK. You just need to get back on the next day. Consistency just means you have made this into a habit and it is simply second nature for you. Kind of like walking.

When do you do this? Tomorrow or right now. The Law of Diminishing Intent will tell you that without action right now, the likelihood you will do what you say diminishes over time. So get up, make a plan, and then go see how it goes. Action creates results.

Best of Luck! Call me if you need me…

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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