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Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It!

Kick Life in the Teeth, Life Deserves It! Perfect balance… what a load of shit. If anyone is perfectly balanced they’re fooling themselves. Life is not perfect. It wasn’t meant to be that way. How do I know? Does a tree grow straight? Does a flower bloom the same way every time it blossoms? Can we drive in a straight line? If life is so perfect then why are most of Americans on some sort of anti depressant, pain killer, or special diet. Why do we feel the need to genetically modify plants? I’m not trying to politically charge this post.[…]

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Kill My Habits

DIE Bad Habits DIE!!! Just a quick post!! I’ve always had trouble creating new habits. To read it’s taken me a few years to really get into it. I still don’t do it every day but it’s a lot easier for me to pick up. Recently I’ve been working on doing prospecting every day for one of my businesses. It looks harder than it is because of my current work schedule but I’m still having a ton of trouble getting myself to do the task when I have the time. Here comes PAVLOK!!! A device that will SHOCK *zzzzaaappp!!* you[…]

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Journey: The Set-Up

Setting Up the Pieces With any long trip you have to get ready. First step you need to know where you’re going. I start at my house in Maine, and need to get to my parent’s house in Florida. Great… I know where to go. What do I need to get ready in order to make the trip? Car, gas, food, money, road map or GPS, clothes etc. Taking a road trip is just like starting a new business venture. You need to know what the end game looks like so you can plot the journey. For me I know[…]

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Journey: Challenge

Challenge of the Journey Working while you’re at work, while you want to sleep, while you want to go have fun, while you want to simply relax is part of what I, and others need to work through in order to get from where we are to where we want to be. What defines us is how we handle our deepest struggles in front of others and within ourselves. (I said that) Our world goes 24/7. Life doesn’t rise and fall on what day it is, life does not have regard for the car that just cut you off, and[…]

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Successful Day Sleeping

Successful Sleeping: During the DAY Day sleeping can be extremely tricky. I know, I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years. This doesn’t make me an expert, it simply means I’ve paid attention to what has worked and what hasn’t worked. What happens when you search for help with day sleeping? You come up with a ton of articles that tell you how horrible it is to work night shift. How horrible it is for your body, how horrible the effects are, how horrible how horrible how horrible that damn advice is! I understand people do studies on how[…]

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