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Never settle for anything less than your passion.

Do what you love to do.

Do what your passion is.

Find your passion and then figure out how to get paid for it.

I’ve heard all of these lines at least once in my life. They might hold true! Yet I’m starting to call bull shit on them. We are always looking for something that we love to do. Something that we can be passionate about. As if one thing in this world and ONLY that one thing could make us feel a firey passion for the rest of our lives.

What the hell do you even like? Is it your current job? Is it your knitting hobby? What about stargazing, mowing the lawn, making candles, cooking, drawing, watching movies and on and on.

My question: How many things have you put 100% effort, drive, soul, and burned all your bridges in order to reach your maximum potential?

OK maybe you say that college was a rough 8 years, it took you 3 to figure out a major, 2 to take the beginner classes, and 3 more just to finish the degree. Now that you have the degree you can’t find a job so how can you be passionate about it? Or maybe you just went 4 years and the job you got wasn’t what you thought it was. Someone lied to you along the way. Let’s say you just can’t seem to get ahead in your profession and therefore you’ll just be an angry grouch because no one realizes your potential.

Isn’t that all translated into desperately trying to find something that you’re passionate about? Isn’t that the prescribed road that everyone talks about to find what you’re truly passionate about?

You won’t like my answer.

No. They were wrong. 4, 6, 8, 10 years of college 3, 4, 5 extra degrees will not make you passionate about what you do, what you choose to do, and how you do it.

It is you, and you alone that can cultivate passion. It might not be what you expected. You might find that you fall in love with making coffee at Starbucks. Maybe you become a passionate manager at McDonald’s. Or you could be the head surgeon at the best hospital in the world. They key here is that you put your heart and soul into what you do. If we were all meant to be single entrepreneurs there wouldn’t be anyone to work the middle man jobs. We wouldn’t have computer techs, we wouldn’t have people to work in hospitals, phones would go unanswered, people couldn’t find a life coach, they couldn’t take the bus because no one would be driving them.

We are all in love with the idea that doing something with passion, finding our passion, doing what we are passionate about means that we are millionaires living in California. Nope, sorry not the case.

Over the past few years I’ve realized in order to be happy, passionate and successful in your own way you need to be a person of action and purpose. Rising each day with a plan in mind, rising each day ready to give it your all, rising each day to meet the challenges with a big goofy smile on your face.

It’s 5am and I feel pretty fired up. I’m writing this post and I love it. I get a phone call for one of my patients every so often but I get right back into writing. I love taking care of people and I love to write about things I’ve experienced and learned.

What to do?



I can’t blaze your trail for you. All I can do is show you the door, you and only you can reach out, turn the handle and push that door open. I’ll warn you… You’ll never be the same once you decide to grow and become more than you are now.

Read, listen to people in the place you want to be, with the job or business you want. Don’t know what you want? I’d say this is a good time to get out of your comfort zone and go experience life. Stop crying about the limitations. I DON’T CARE. Get out and be a man and woman about it. Grow up and get off the couch. Stop watching TV, Hulu, Netflix. Get out of your house and breath in a new day.

Your NightShift Guide -Jay

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