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Positive Mind and Negative Mind

To Be Positive or To Be Negative, that is the Question!

I’m a believer that the status of your life goes in one of two directions. It either goes in a positive direction or a negative direction.

++Positive++ !VS! –Negative–

You either live with love and joy in your life or you live with loneliness and longing. Either you are sad or happy, you are either tired or energetic.

Yes I realize we can have a mixture or emotions, but think for a minute. Were you ever happy and sad at the same time? I’m not talking about one after the other, I’m saying have you ever been crying with anguish while laughing at a hilarious joke?

N O (not me or anyone I know of)

So what does a negative mind look like?

The negative attitude will knock you down. It will show you scarcity rather then abundance. Negative minds will look to pull you away from the light. They will suck the life energy from you. Negative minds halt your life. People aren’t generally negative on purpose. Most can’t help it because they’re reacting to their environment rather than responding to it. I even do this. Yep, I said it. When I get caught off guard, or I get amp’d up I can spout some negative emotions and thoughts with the best of them. It’s part of being human, so we might as well accept it.

Don’t despair, you can get past it!

Whether you work night shift or you work a regular day shift schedule you need to commit to personal growth. John Maxwell recently wrote a book called The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. What’s it about? Conscious self improvement, self education and growth. Although it’s not a mind blowing non fiction book it drives the point home that any growth you experience throughout your life will be accidental unless you take the reigns and consciously work on it.

Here’s the point. Unless you are consciously monitoring your positive and negative emotion fluctuations, you will forever be caught within the a roller coaster, causing yourself to be inconsistent. Your mindset, or attitude, will rapidly change therefore throwing off your perspective. Being in constant flip-flop mode you’ll forever miss opportunity for improvement, accelerating your life, and improving yourself to become a person of significance. This is where the average person call’s a successful person ‘lucky’. Uhh no. They’ve been successful because they are more consistent and emotionally aware. They are able to see beneficial opportunities first, and take immediate advantage.

Be a Student of yourself. It’s a life long journey, but do you really want to be right where you are 5, 10, 20 years from now? Maybe that’s your fear and negative mind talking..


Your NightShift Guide -Jay

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