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Problem: Recovery

Working nights I often think and drool over the thought of my recovery days. You know the few days we have between work weeks that help us to get more sleep, catch up with friends, have some fun or anything that we’ve missed during the week.

Here’s the problem with recovering. We always seem to need it. Why is this a bad thing? Well it’s not really bad as much as it is counter productive.

Again, why is this. It’s my belief that if all we do is go to work just to recover for 2 to 3 days afterwards what are we even accomplishing? What number of our goals says that we should need a few days of recovery between work days and what we do for ourselves. Namely working on business, higher education, anything entrepreneurial, or maybe just projects around the house. The point is we always seem to be starting 3 steps behind rather than a step ahead.

So what’s the solution to the problem?

My past few months have been rather interesting. I’ve gone through several thousand sticky notes, filled up a wall with ideas, philosophies, processes, goals, and current projects. I’ve planned, practiced, and simply gotten down to work on how to handle various situations for shift work.

What I’ve come up with are a few priorities that have helped keep me in the loop. (If I’ve forgotten or missed anything it’s because of my own personal error)

  • Having a rigid yet very flexible sleep schedule
  • Keeping a list of goals in front of me all the time
  • Keeping a running list of important tasks that need to be done
  • Buying a large enough variety of food to keep bad cravings away
  • Keeping an eye on my finances to ensure no issues arise
  • Staying in constant effective communication with my significant other
  • Meditating every day, recently twice a day
  • Exercise 3 or more times a week

Ok so there you have it. A few things that did take some time to set up, but now I find I have more time for other things, and I can usually walk right into my off day schedule without issue.

Hopefully you can take something from this and apply it to your life. I’m not ignorant enough to think this will work for everyone, but I do believe certain fundamentals are required to succeed.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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