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Reasons or Excuses

I was in high school. I can’t remember what day or year it was, but I do know I was at track practice. We were running drills and my coach was yelling again. He asked why we weren’t hitting our times. I began to say ‘Well the reason is…’ He cut me short. Simply saying, ‘Reasons are just another word for excuses. I want you to show me you can do it instead of telling me why you can’t.’ I’ve never forgotten what he said, and it’s the main point of my post today.

Are reasons just that, how the situation played out because of a certain factor? Or are reasons simply a manifestation of a lie we are telling to cover up the real reason? I think a good example of what I’m referring to can be seen here.

Every time I use the word reason I get a slightly sick feeling in my stomach. I know that what I’m saying, even if it’s true, usually represents my own self doubt.

Example: This website was almost never brought into being. I never thought that I would be able to take the responsibility of building and maintaining a website like this. Fortunately for me, I’ve read through a lot of self building books that have helped me to deal with negative and weak emotions. I immediately took action and forgot the excuses. I still get them almost every day, but I continue working because I have a strong Why. My overriding purpose for working on this site.

There are many examples of excuses disguised as reasons. Why people can’t go out running today, it’s raining and they’ll get sick. Why people can’t eat healthy, it’s too expensive and they don’t know how to cook. Why people can’t pick up a book for 5 minutes a day, video games are more interesting.

Think of a reason you recently gave for not going through with a task you said you would do. What was it? Was it a big deal? Did people lose respect for you because you didn’t follow through? Did you lose respect for yourself?

I’ve felt the sting of lost respect many times. I can feel it in my gut, and I can clearly see my friends faces as I tell them why I didn’t do something, whether it was important or not.

This year I’ve vowed to be a person of action. No matter what it is I’m going to get it done. Not because it’s the right thing to do, not for myself, but because my Why for building this site says, in order to help others overcome self doubt, I must do it first I must be their guide instead of a talking head.

The only cure I’ve found for eliminating reasons and excuses is taking action instead of talking. The people who take action have no excuses. The people who take action have no regrets.

Take action with me.

Your NightShift Guide -Jay


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