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Hustle Till It Hurts

The Hustle is Real

Just a few words about what the hustle means to me and why it’s become a bigger part of my life recently.

A man by the name Gary Vaynerchuck is a big reason I’m upping my game. From watching this guy work I’ve realized there is a lot more we can do every day to increase how much we get done. It’s not about being a work-a-holic, or loving work more than the people you interact with. It’s about loving what you do to the point that 18 hours just seems normal. The ‘daily grind’ become the ‘daily hustle’. It becomes a part of who you are. From what I’ve seen people have a lot of respect for those who accomplish a lot and are able to back it up.

So what am I doing?

From studying myself I’ve realized it takes me a while to adopt new behaviors. In a 3 month period I can improve and make changes to who I am. Improve my skill level and take on more responsibilities. I learn better by watching what others do, so I’m watching people who hustle and taking what they do to adapt it to my lifestyle.

Ya’ll obviously know that I currently work night shift and after a 14 hour work shift I don’t feel much like doing anything. Therefore I’ve set myself up to do work while that 14 hour day is progressing.

Where am I on my off days?

I haven’t added up the hours but I’m no where near 14 hours. Building up some grit to work for 14 hours a day on my ‘days off’ will be the hardest part. Yet I know if I worked 14 hour days I would propel myself so far ahead of where I am today I can’t even visualize it.

What about you? Are you a working entrepreneur? Maybe you work best at night, but how long are your work days?

I wonder what my world would look like if I worked every day 14 hours a day 7 days a week.

Where can you see yourself being if you worked that hard? Check out a day in Gary’s life below and comment on what you think your life would look like if you did that.


NightShift Guide – Jay

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Limit Your Sleep

Why Is It


To Limit Your Sleep

When You Work Night Shift?


What do I mean limit your sleep? I thought you had to catch up on sleep when you work night shift?

What I’ve seen in the few years of working nights are two things. Two things about sleep that might help you balance your life outside and inside work.

So what have I found out? When I first started I noticed that my routine was so off I couldn’t sleep like everyone else. I either got tons of sleep or almost no sleep. When my body adapted after a month I ONLY slept during the day. When I changed jobs, added trying to live my live outside of work, I found that I again either slept for long hours (12+) or I barely slept (less than 4). What was my problem? Why couldn’t I have both a day life and a night job?

I realized…

Life outside of work was important to me. I just didn’t know how important it was to be regimented in my schedule. Yet. There came a point where I was working a business, traveling, and working full time at night. I was so stressed out, run down and generally unhappy I nearly had a break down. If anyone has ever screamed, and I mean screamed/yelled/redfaced argument with your boss, the one who hired you, it’s time to let something go or change what you’re doing.

I moved… again…

De-stressed and found a happy place. When I started adding things back into my life I was on top of it. I planned out my schedule and I stuck to it. I modified it when I needed to. The only problem was I thought I could do anything any time because I had a schedule and therefore started doing things, taking naps and not sleeping a full 8 hours. That yielded me times where I couldn’t sleep at all and times where I could barely hold my head up.

Noticing I needed a change, yet again…

I started my uncompromising schedule. I didn’t do anything at times when I was supposed to be going to bed. Even if this was 10 am and I had the chance to meet with a big shot business guy I would have to say no if my schedule was telling me I had other responsibilities to attend to that day. I’m not rude about it but I need to let people know that I’m not super human and need to get some rest!

So here we are today

Not only do I continue to plan out my sleep, but I’ve noticed that if I take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally I can sleep a little less and be more flexible with my schedule down the road. I’ve learned that when you take care of yourself your body will willingly adapt to a specific regimen. If you go off the reserve your body will let you know by making you feel like absolute shit, make you sick, make you exhausted, or moody.

Why do I say we need to sleep less?

Well when you are on a specific sleep track and are regularly getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep and you try to sleep more than that your body will actually react to it. I can’t prove it scientifically but from my own personal experience I can tell you that some of my hardest days getting out of bed have been when I try to get some extra sleep on a regular day. Even if I’ve had a rough week of no sleep for one reason or another, I would actually recommend staying on schedule instead of trying to get extra rest. Good self care, which includes keeping on a decent diet, exercise of your choice and reducing your static time (meaning sitting for more than an hour at a time) will help you recover.


I had to get a 3 floor 2700 sq/ft house ready for sale by myself. It’s pretty new but I still had to clean the whole thing, move the rest of the residual furniture out of the house, sell it all, and dump the trash. I was on a 4 day work week, I have a business I’m working to grow which means scheduling meetings, doing phone calls, and sharpening skill sets. In addition to that I also had to take care of the apartment, the two dogs and bird all while my lady was away for the week.

Did this suck!? Yes.

One morning while driving home from working on the house, I had to slap myself repeatedly to stay awake. I ended up sacrificing the little time I had during the afternoon to go work on the house. My weekend was also sacrificed to finish up the house. I was there at 2 am dumping trash and sweeping out the garage.

Did this all suck? Fuck yes it did!

Let’s look at the after affect.

I was done with the house but I was not only exhausted but developed a little cold because I got so run down. In the days after I didn’t sleep as much as I could, I actually kept to my sleep schedule as much as I could. I had to continue to go to work, I had to continue managing my life, and I had to pick up on my exercise regimen again. I don’t remember much of my activity but I do know that a week after all of that mess I was back on top.

Still a bit sick but because of my habits I bounced back quicker than I usually would have. I also didn’t sleep any extra. I actually slept and continue to sleep less than 7 hours a night. Is that healthy? I’m not sure to be honest. I don’t really know what my body looks like on the inside. What I do know is that I feel better and better every day and continuing to be conscious of my body and how it feels is key to my continuing success working the night shift.

Night Shift Take-Away:

What can a fellow shifter get from this post?

  1. Find a sleep schedule that works for you. I don’t care what it is because you are the one that has to deal with it. Find something that doesn’t bounce back and forth between a day and night schedule. Sleep half way in between and you should be fine. (not to mention you’ll have enough time during the day to get things done.) For examples see my DOWNLOADS page.
  2. Stick to that schedule. Realize that things are always happening around you no matter if you take part or not. You will miss things, you will take part in things. But if you don’t respect yourself enough to rest when you really need it then you really shouldn’t be working on night shift.
  3. Don’t be an asshole to others about it. Be self aware enough to realize when you need rest and when you just need some  coffee or a pick-me-up. Others will never understand what you go through physically on a day to day basis unless they do it themselves. So respect that fact and don’t hold it against them. Yet don’t let them guilt you into thinking you should be up at 6 am jogging with them on a day when you need to be sleeping at that time. Or constantly going out to get shit faced on a regular basis. Or guilting you because you can only hang out after 11am every day. If they’re your friend or a respected part of your life they will understand your limitations.
  4. Know your limits. Know when it’s time to quit and sleep, and when you need to forge forward. It’s a process.
  5. Be patient, be kind to yourself, and don’t be down because it doesn’t work the first few times you try.

As always I wish you the best of luck. If you feel you need a little help getting through things like this feel free to contact me. Everything is on the website!

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What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?

Questions that develop into actionable solutions and steps

Have you ever wondered, after watching a video on global warming, over population, energy crisis, what you can actually do to improve our situation as humans?

I have. Every time I watch something that promotes doom and gloom I always wonder, “If this is such a big problem, what can I do every day to help this situation?” Do we even know how to survive a Power Outage? Natural disaster? What about something small, like what do you do when someone get’s mad at you?

The point is, do we know how to deal with problems? How do we identify something that we can do something about right now, in this moment or in the near future?

I want to start writing and documenting different issues, small and big and investigate right in that moment what we can do about that problem.

Come and join me. Let’s learn and grow together and start making a difference one problem at a time.


Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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Life Will Find a Way

This past week has been filled with life and death. Reflection and contemplation. I wanted to bring this to people’s attention, because no matter how bad you may feel, no matter how horrible things seem to be there will always be a greater or equal good that comes into your life.

I believe those words, many do not.

Why do I believe in them? I have personally experienced hardships that have pushed me. Have I been homeless, starving, shivering cold and sick in a hospital bed? No I have not, but I do not believe you have to experience the worst of the worst to understand what needs to be done to get through the difficult time.

I believe in these words because on the flip side of every bad time, difficult situation, or hardship I’ve personally experienced great things. This past week I have watched several people pass from this world. I’m in health care, and understand this is a natural part of life. I however experience this is a different capacity because of what I do. Yet I am always relieved for my patients when they are allowed to pass onto their next life.

Yes I believe in life after death.

I know of over 10 people in my sphere of influence that have passed this week. Although this is sad, upsetting and can be taken as an excuse to stop everything and take the time to mourn. I am already thinking about how I can honor them, use their story to help others, and make myself better so I can serve others in a greater capacity.

I hope you take the time this weekend to reflect on your life. What we have now, in this moment is 100% temporary and will be gone one day. Love it, cherish it, be grateful for it, and above all else give your 100% every day to everyone you meet.

I hope that one day you look back with no regrets.

If you feel, after your reflections, that you have some regrets in your life. Forgive yourself and take note to draw a line in the sand. Live today and every day hence with love, gratitude, and no regrets. Open your heart, open your mind, and give what is lacking in your life.

It’s my deepest wish that you achieve what you set out to do, and that your life is full of love and happiness. This is mostly an inside job so stop looking to TV and entertainment to find it. Look inside and create it for yourself.

Good luck this week. I’m sending love to all.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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NSG Life: Meditation for Night Shift

Meditation Motivation

Why do I come back to meditation? Because I can’t see how I could go more than two days without meditating. I feel calm, cool, collect, clean and focused when I meditate.

I work nights and all of those things; calm, cool, collect and clean, are vital to maintain. Having a sharp mind can help work past the wall, a time where your body shuts down and want’s you to sleep. I have days where I physically hurt because I’m tired, but because I meditate they are few and far between.

When. I meditate before work. When I really get into it I like to do it twice a day. Time wise this is usually around 8:15 in the morning and 4pm in the afternoon (before sleep and after I wake up).

Why: It helps me process complex feelings, ideas, and de-stresses my body. My mind becomes calm, even with racing thoughts, my emotions are level, the rest it provides gives me an extra boost that sleep can’t.

How: I started a few years ago doing this in one of my college courses. I have a slight advantage because I got a free crash course in meditation. I’m not perfect but I do know some basics. Sit in an upright posture with legs crossed or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Hands are relaxed either palm up on your thighs or in a comfortable position. Breathing can be used to keep your focus. Either you conciously take inhales and exhales, or you sit and simply allow yourself to feel the sensation of your breath without any judgement. Simply allow it to go in and out with no control. When your mind wanders just gently bring your focus back to your breath. Eyes should be closed. I sometimes listen to different types of music or YouTube videos. You can find my favorites here.


Falling asleep is bad. No, sometimes it just means you need more sleep, so get to it!

I keep drifting into random thoughts. I’m terrible at meditating. Nope! You just need to practice. Your brain will always pull you into something if you don’t have control over it. Practice will bring better results so don’t give up. You are literally training your brain to focus by bringing it back to focus on something.

I can’t meditate for hours or even minutes. It’s a useless practice. Wrong again! Some people have a short attention span. They have been programmed to be in constant motion. With practice, starting with one or two minutes and building up, you can build up your ‘endurance’ to get into a calm and relaxed state, practice will improve results!

I don’t have time. Time is in the eye of the beholder. Like most other things it is based off of our current perception of the world. Ever hear the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’? Same concept. Start tracking your time to become more aware of how much you might be wasting.

Pointers for Night Shift: At the start you’ll be tired and may fall asleep. It’s OK, keep practicing. If you’re afraid of falling asleep and not waking up, you can set a gentle alarm just in case. If you are running low on time, don’t freak out. Sit and take deep breaths, slowing down each breath. Doing this for a minute to 5 minutes will calm you down, focus you and give you a sharper edge. That’s the point isn’t it? You can also do this while at work. I know it helps me through some challenging situations. Our breathing is partially under our control for a reason. It can literally change your physical being in moments if you let it.

I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to ask me a bit more if you are curious!

Your NightShift Guide -Jay

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