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Got Leadership?


Leadership is an important part of our lives yet how often is it spoken about among people on the street? We almost never mention it in health care unless we talk about a leader in a specific line of care, not someone that leads per their example.

People all have the potential to be a leader. Whether they decide to develop it or not is a whole other article. There are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there for people to learn from. Do they do it? NO!! Why?

Lead Your Own Path, Be Your Own Leader

What is the most important thing about night shift?

Sex? (got your attention didn’t it)

I believe the most important aspect of night shift is cooperation within the team, and communication from the team to the rest of the shift, aka day shift. In a way this is a sense of leadership. You must take the initiative to develop the skills to work mostly by yourself, but communicate effectively enough so people know what you are doing and when/if you need help. Inner strength is a huge part of this.

When I first started out I wanted to be a great Respiratory Therapist. After a while I had decided to become a doctor, so I got a new job and off I went. I basically saw the doctors as the unofficial leaders within the hospital. Sometimes this is the case, other times it’s not.  I realized after seeing how invested a doctor had to become it wasn’t what I really wanted. I drifted for a while and eventually realized I was simply getting through work for the paycheck. I didn’t care about anything really. Yet a glimmer of hope came to me one day. I realized I enjoyed working with people. Yet what was the biggest skill I needed to effectively work within a team and with people/ their families?

So why else do we work? We all know that money is the main objective. But we wouldn’t have gotten into the medical field just because it was a job. We aren’t cleaning poo and suctioning copious amounts of goo out of people’s lungs ‘just to do it’.

I believe that we get a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and happiness out of our jobs. I realize it’s not always so. I know we get abused on a daily basis by patients, supervisors and each other. It’s a high stress environment ready to pop.


Life is tough and if we are doing something that grinds us down 100% of the time why the hell are we doing it? Jim Carrey once said that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love. Watch his commencement speech here.

Instead of asking why you do something and focusing on the issue of making money. Why not focus on doing your best, giving your job 100% effort. I challenge you to do that for a week. When you feel like sitting down to be lazy instead of researching a disease or surgery, do the research. Instead of going to ask questions that seem repetitive ask instead for guidance and to learn how to trouble shoot the issue.

Look first to learn and dig in. If you want this chosen path then educate yourself every day, exercise the muscle that is your brain. Just because others are sitting and watching a show or reading a fictional book, that doesn’t mean you have to do that too.

Have the guts to think and act differently, and you’ll see a change in your life and the life of others.

I Dare You.

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Night Shift: Get the Life You Want

How Night Shift Be Positive!

What?!?! Night Shift is positive? Why do you say that Jay? I have many reasons to believe it’s a positive. Firstly it gives people the chance to work during a time when things might be less stressful. People have a different way to shine. Work is different, and different skills and strengths are needed. What about having kids and needing just a little extra money.

I can think of quite a few reasons night shift Be Positive! Yet all I see online, thus far, is negative crap about our imminent death from heart disease and dementia! Woahhh strong language Jay.

Lets take a new view.

I feel like all I see around me are opportunities to do something more with myself. Yet, when I talk to other people I only hear them talk of education, higher degrees, PRN jobs, or maybe something to do with travel.

This is all great stuff! I have to ask…. Is this the life you want to lead? Will it give you what you desire? Will it deliver the choices you desire? Do you even have a clear path through your life? (yes i get that no one knows exactly what will happen but have you thought where you’ll be in 10 or 20 years?)

I’ve seen person after person make the same decision, always expecting to be SUPER HAPPY with the outcome! As if it would open a portal to infinite happiness and luxury. Uhmm, no. Jobs and higher education have their place but what about creating something that others can work with you on? What about something that really makes a difference?

I’m trying to make you think. Think for yourself. Without a new thought process you can’t change your situation. If you do the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. We can officially say that you are now insane.

How does this make Night Shift Be Positive?

Night shift gives you a new opportunity to thrive. Night shift allows you to be awake when others aren’t. Night shift allows you to do extra work, at work! (please don’t ignore your job!) Night shift allows us to network and speak to others that are awake and working in other parts of the world.

Think outside of the box. I’m currently at home, writing this before I do something else that will move my life forward. I’ve decided to ignore TV. Ignore the radio. Ignore sports. Ignore hype. Am I always perfect? No. I do part take in gossip and some entertainment. I just realize that I can’t be spending my entire life watching something that never brings value into my, or anyone else’s life.

Night shift will allow you to disconnect with society as a whole and reconnect with yourself and what you truly desire to do. It might even allow you to leave it one day!

Think differently. Don’t just get a hobby. Develop skills. Research topics you are interested in. Create something and RISK being seen by your piers.

Your NightShift Guide – Jay

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Journey: Challenge

Challenge of the Journey

Working while you’re at work, while you want to sleep, while you want to go have fun, while you want to simply relax is part of what I, and others need to work through in order to get from where we are to where we want to be.

What defines us is how we handle our deepest struggles in front of others and within ourselves.

(I said that)

Our world goes 24/7. Life doesn’t rise and fall on what day it is, life does not have regard for the car that just cut you off, and life will not stop hurting you no matter how much you cry. I’ve gone through a few challenges the last few weeks. I’m acquiring more responsibility at work and in my personal life. If I let it, life would swallow me up and spit me out.

But I have a ‘special’ finger for Life.

So my journey starts here. In these words. From working full time at night 3 to 4 days a week, 12 hours a night to working 2 to 3 days a week, still 12 hours a night. My focus is on making enough money to get to a part time position within my job. Why? It’s not because I hate what I do. It’s not because I’m super rich. It’s not because I’m working 4 other jobs. I want to reduce my time as an employee so I can become my own boss. (Insert Robert Kawasaki’s Quadrant)

Cashflow Quadrant

Again, WHY?

The lifestyle I choose is flexible. To do what I want, when I want to do it, how I want to do it.

What about vacation time? Can’t I just get time off from work?

Tim off in my mind, is just a myth. The reasons we need ‘time off’ or ‘vacation’ is because our daily lives are out of our control, or we let them get that way and we want to take a break from our daily grind. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you or I have to do it too. I want a life where I enjoy the challenge of my work without having an agitated supervisor hanging over my head.

Insanity defined is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I’m breaking the mold by working while I’m on the job. I’m breaking the mold by not watching TV. I’m breaking the mold by investing in business ideas instead of booze and movies. I’m breaking the mold by being more excited by personal development, business ideas, and entrepreneurship than Football or Basketball.

So my daily schedule looks kinda like this.

Monday: Starting at 8 am

  • 8am – 3pm Sleep
  • 3pm – 4:30pm exercise, eat, meditate and shower
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm make calls, reply to messages via social media
  • 5:30pm – 6:15pm cook dinner, pack, drive to work
  • 7pm – 7:30am (the next day) Work at the hospital
  • 10pm – 5:30am (Monday into Tuesday, work at work) work on prospecting, website, social media, business, education
  • 7:30am – 8am drive home
  • 8am – 3pm sleep

This is a typical work day. Do I follow this type of schedule as written? No, there are gaps between activities and overlap that needs to be there. My schedule needs to be planned/rigid but flexible enough so if I miss something I can continue on. I don’t have time enough to not be doing something to move life forward. Not only do I need to plan like you see above, but the start of my week doesn’t exist. I work 24/7. My weeks run into each other. Sometimes I work 4 days in a row with only one or two days off and run right into another 3 days of work.

Many might ask why I limit myself with this kind of schedule. Why don’t I just move to a day job. Why can’t I just find something else to do?

Answer: I could. In all honesty I HATE working during the day doing what I do. I feel groggy and my mind isn’t clear, supervisors are constantly asking why I’m not staring at my patient like a hawk, and everyone else’s agenda is being forced on me.

I want my day, my way. If I have to schedule every minute of every day out, so be it. As long as I get farther away from having a boss and closer to being at home or on the road the better off I’ll be.

So here it is, what am I doing? Money can be made in more than one way. Ever ask who owns the business you work for? What about the land that the building sits on? What products are you using at work? What are you buying at the store? All of these things are available to you to own and sell. The hard part is pulling the trigger and doing it.

I’m currently working on:

  • Real estate management – my townhouse that I rent
  • Amazon online store – in the process of setting this up and learning about it
  • Network Marketing/Direct Selling business – yes this is a viable way of making money stop being a negative bitch about it
  • Job – everyone aims to get a ‘good job’. Fair enough.
  • Driving with Uber
  • You could also say this website and social media are to make money but I have yet to monetize any of it

If you have questions about any of these money makers feel free to reach out to me. Most of these are in the start phase and I am NOT an expert, but I am an action taker.

How long will it take me to move from full time to part time? My goal is September 1st 2016. I may not be part time exactly on that day, but I’m looking for the financial signs that I’ll need to be able to ask for the part time status at that point.

What have I done in the last week: Mad the decision to build an Amazon store, Driven for Uber and scheduled more drives, prospected and list building, networking, phone calls and more tasks that are important but I don’t want to mention everything. What’s your idea of success? Mine is the idea that I’ll be able to leave my job, work for myself, and have a nice bundle of cash waiting for me in my bank account.

I’ll be posting more later, I hope you enjoyed this and will join me on my journey!



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NightShift Time

Night Shift Time: Priceless

Working Night Shift You Realize How Valuable Time Really is.

Time. The most valuable commodity in the world. You can’t keep it, you can’t slow it down, you can’t stop it, you can’t save it, and you can’t manage it.

People who primarily work during the day are used to knowing their expectations, when they can do things and are able to plan ahead. They know months before that they will in fact be awake at this time, and they will not be fighting exhaustion.

People who primarily work nights are a different story. Not only do we work through the night, but we can’t do anything productive until business opens, generally at 8 am or much later. This becomes a problem due to the unknown factors that can really wear us down.

Work might be insanely busy which may cause us to fall asleep prematurely while waiting for something to open. Maybe we sleep through our alarm only to find out we’ve slept past closing time. Our moods also negatively effect how we interact with people, and will hurt our chances of getting positive interactions with others and possibly (if networking) effective business connections.

I understand these are issues most can get around easily. What about running businesses while holding a night shift job? When do you get to work on those? What happens when 4 days of your week are already packed with 14 hours of work, 7 hours of sleep and only leaving 3 free hours to be awake, eat, exercise, be with family, running errands, helping around the house, fixing your car and more and more and more.

On our days off! That’s the key! Only do our businesses on our days off! Nope, wrong. Sorry that won’t cut it. Although… depending on your schedule and sleeping habits, you can have an average potential of 63 free hours to work on anything personal! Yes! This is awesome, right? Sorry… I’ve also done work only on days off, and I’ll to tell you, if you don’t work on your business on work days, you still won’t get to far. Aka you lose your momentum and thought process during the work week.

Without constant, consistent work and growth you’ll never build anything of real significance. I’m speaking directly from personal experience. I’ve tried only doing work on my days off. It worked until I went back to work. Then I started over, spending 1 or 2 hours just going through the work I had already done just to get back into my groove.

So what’s the NightShift Solution?

If you want to build something plan ahead to build every day. No matter what. Commit to the growth you know you’ll need. It’s always more work than first anticipated, but it’s worth it. It is all worth it.

Your NightShift Guid -Jay

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Never settle for anything less than your passion.

Do what you love to do.

Do what your passion is.

Find your passion and then figure out how to get paid for it.

I’ve heard all of these lines at least once in my life. They might hold true! Yet I’m starting to call bull shit on them. We are always looking for something that we love to do. Something that we can be passionate about. As if one thing in this world and ONLY that one thing could make us feel a firey passion for the rest of our lives.

What the hell do you even like? Is it your current job? Is it your knitting hobby? What about stargazing, mowing the lawn, making candles, cooking, drawing, watching movies and on and on.

My question: How many things have you put 100% effort, drive, soul, and burned all your bridges in order to reach your maximum potential? Continue reading Passion

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