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This Is Horrible.

Two weeks ago I was on top. I swore nothing could shake me from the routine I was on. I felt great, my work was flowing easily, and everywhere I turned things just seemed to work out.

This week…?

…well this week is a different story.

I’ve been steadily feeling worse throughout the last two weeks. I’m not sure if it’s due to the few days I messed up my sleep schedule, the change in the weather, or if it’s just my time to get sick.

Whatever it is, I’ve been struggling to keep on any sort of schedule. My brain tells me to sit and relax, my passion tells me to get to work (more like a whisper really), and my hands tell me that playing Xbox is the best form of therapy.

Basically.. life isn’t all peaches and cream.

So? What do we do now?

Do more of the stuff that has a positive change! Yes! Fantastic idea!


Oh wait I feel like shit…

Thus the challenge. How to circumnavigate the nagging illness that so fervently wants to take over my body. Yes this is difficult. Yes this is worth the battle. No I won’t give in.

Keys to success?

1.) A continuous dose of positive self talk.

2.) Take supplements, vitamins, drinks, whatever-I-can-shove-down-my-gullet that helps.

3.) Do more things that are positively charged. Stay away from negative video games, tv, movies and listen to good music or things that make you laugh.

I realize this is weird advice but I can almost guarantee if you keep an open mind you will feel less crappy.

Remember. There is NO quick fix for anything unless you already set yourself up for success.

Let’s hope I did that.

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One thought on “This Is Horrible.

  1. Love your perspective on this. Very few people understand how much you can control just by your self talk and making a decision not to let feeling sick, etc, affect you. Thank you for sharing it!

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